Retail Audit Technology


Empowering Our Team to Fight For Your Brand     

Whether they're negotiating for secondary placements, building planograms, or conducting Retail Audits, Action Food Sales' Retail Merchandisers works hard to make sure your brand looks perfect at every store. With the Repsly app, our team can collect data and save details about the work they do, or the status of your products, all while delivering best in class results on the shelf.

When they arrive at a store, Repsly gives our team access to the forms and audits we've created specifically for each Grocery Chain, so you can see the details that matter most about the way your brand is represented at retail. With photo capture in the Repsly app, you'll see exactly how your brand is represented wherever your team works.

Mobile App for Reps and Web Console for Managers





Mobile App

Incredibly easy to use app for monitoring Retail Merchandisers’ efficiency and productivity.

Reps can use the app to check in at client locations, take photos, complete reports/forms/surveys, place orders, conduct price/stock surveys, take notes, and schedule store visits.





Backend Web Console

Powerful web console that delivers real time insights on activities completed in the field.

Business Managers can access forms, photos, client visits, schedules, auto-generated reports and more through the web console.





Manager Benefits

  • visibility and control over all activities in the field
  • actionable insights
  • more time coaching and advising representatives
  • less time spent on administrative paperwork and managing data

Rep Benefits

  • more time selling and building relationships with clients
  • less time spent on administrative paperwork
  • ability to monitor own performance
  • increased team collaboration and communication





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